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About Blox Fit

Blox Fitness is founded by Hannah Bizoumis and offers a range of fitness options suited to all abilities whether you are new to exercise or are looking to perform your best at your next race.

The name Blox fitness was inspired by the importance of training in 'blocks' with varying goals, time and effort levels - we call this periodisation and it is very imporant for physical adaptation




Certified IRONMAN Triathlon Coach and Fitness Trainer

Hannah, born and raised in South Wales is also half Greek and spent much of her childhood outdoors. She can be found cycling round the Mendips, over the River Severn in Wales, racing in various triathlon races or snuggling on the sofa with her two furbabies (Bert and Ernie).


Hannah is always looking to the next challenge and recently climbed to the summit of Kilimanjaro.


''Fitness is my FAVOURITE habit.

I love exercise, its my drug , it makes me feel ready to take on anything. I really want others to feel the benefits exercise can have on mental wellbeing, health and outlook on life. I am proud of what I have been able to achieve and can't wait to help others achieve what they never thought possible

Anything really IS possible!''

Hannah Bizoumis



Hannah is a certified IRONMAN triathlon coach and fitness trainer. She has spent her life being sporty and encouraing friends and family to join her on a challenges.


Starting life horse riding at the age of 3 and kickstarting her career in triathlon in 2009 when participating in her first sprint distance triathlon on an old mountain bike. Since then Hannah has developed into an age group All World IRONMAN Athlete, competing in over 10 half Ironmans and 5 full distance IRONMAN triathlon events.


She has represented Wales and her region in national Tag Rugby competitions. 

People describe her as having ants in her pants as she can never sit still - always looking for the next challenge and always encouraging people to get up and moving.


Hannah has a true passion for fitness and she is excited to help people become their best selfs.

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