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How can I Help You?

The world of fitness and triathlon is complex and can sometimes be overwhelming, so much so that people quit before they have even started.

For triathlon, having 3 disciplines to train for, understanding racing, the gear, the data and so on can be daunting even for the self-motivated athlete. There is an abundance of information online and study after study.


Having a coach can help you navigate the fitness world will really benefit your training.

  • Coaches guide you to help you achieve your goals

  • Help to manage your time

  • Structured and purposeful training

  • All your energy goes into training rather than organising

  • Provides you motivation and accountability

  • Knowledge shared

My Approach


If you are still deliberating let me tell you my approach

I will help you train wisely and organise

I will help you get the best experience out of your triathlon or fitness journey

I will help you be accountable, keep you on track with training and recovery

I will act as a sounding board for questions and concerns and share knowledge

I will give you support as a mentor/guide and support system  

I will communicate with you regularly

I will motivate you


Cross Fit Class


A vital part of the Coach / Athlete relationship is having strong communication between athlete and coach -  I ask that my athlete commits fully to good communication with me - its all part of the fun!


Group of Road Bikers


As an athlete myself, I have experienced first hand how difficult it is to manage life commitments, work and stresses that just crop up.

 I will provide athletes with the resources and knowledge to make exercise part of their everyday lives and not a chore. 

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